Today is my 24th birthday. I’m currently sitting on my bamboo couch in my baby-blue-tiled apartment reflecting on how cool it is to be enjoying my 24th birthday in Cambodia! I’ve also realised I would like to have stopped ageing at 23 plz and thank you!! Nonetheless this past week I have been contemplating what it is to turn 24 and have jotted down my thoughts below for you to read and perhaps fear for your future, suffer alongside me if you can relate or laugh at me from your wise perch of many more years…regardless here are:

24 Thoughts on Hitting 24 Years

  1. That Hogwarts letter is never coming is it…?
  2. I still can’t do my times tables…
  3. Looks are overrated. On myself and on others.
  4. Pregnant/child-baring friends make me so squealy-happy-excited and petrified all at once.
  1. How do I still own so many different sized bras?
  1. My resume kind of follows the path of a moth flying through a maze compared to some of my friends, but that’s okay.
  1. I’m ready for a dog. But also, I like to disappear for weeks/months at a time and am not ready for a dog.

    Squeezing helpless pupper circa 1996. If you were wondering why there is lawn inside don’t fret it is just gorgeous high pile green carpet.
  2. What is a Snapchat streak?
  3. I hope I’m always as content and happy about the small things in life as I am now.
  1. At the risk of looking like a lunatic, I like smiling at everyone I pass. Unless they tell me to smile. F*ck dat command.
  1. Why can I braid anyone’s hair but my own?
  1. I must finally donate blood! I must finally be eligible to donate blood!!
  1. I am trying for the 213677th time to enjoy running. This time I will succeed.
  1. It’s probably time I accept that as a 24 year old woman I can’t make popcorn without burning something or someone.
  1. How do I spell embarassing…embarrasing……embarrassing?
  1. Makeup is hard.

    Sorry nine year old Abbie your makeup skills are not gonna get any better. Braces will fix that gap though.
  1. These last 24 years have taught me that all we ever really possess are our relationships and connections with others. Everything else is just stuff.
  1. Is it too late to be a professional dog walker?
  1. I’ll never forgive 10 year old me for quitting guitar. But I won’t give up hope that I can still learn it.
  2. How do I replace a bike tyre correctly?
  1. Better check if I like dark chocolate yet. Nope still tastes like fancy dirt.
  1. My Cambodian friends have inspired me to put so much more emphasis on my everyday interactions with friends. There is no 5-day work week with weekend catch ups here. Every day is celebrated and shared with friends.
  1. Do I start ticking ‘Ms’ instead of ‘Miss’ now?
  1. It’s happening. Technology is starting to overtake me. Maybe if I try turning it off and on again…