Hello, and welcome to The Abbie Road.
To set the scene let me explain just who and what this blog is about.

My name is Abbie and I hail from South Australia, Australia. My most recent residency in Aus was the Barossa Valley, a wine region North of the capital city of Adelaide. Before that I lived in the capital itself, studying from my teens to early twenties. Originally I am a Riverland girl, growing up on the outskirts of a (very) small town called Blanchetown. All orientations aside, I am now living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, volunteering 9-5 at a wonderful NGO and soaking up my new expat life every other minute of the day. I arrived in June and the plan is to be here until December, so I’ve got some activities to squeeze into my 25 weekends!

Me, pictured in my natural habitat: fumbling for my sunglasses with hair that hasn’t seen a brush for several weeks.

I have a soft spot for Cambodia, but I love travelling to other countries as well. According to my passport I’ve been let into 19 countries thus far, with plenty of spare pages to hopefully fill in the coming years (weekends?!). To me travelling or exploring doesn’t only occur overseas. I’ve only ticked off 6 of our 8 states and territories in Australia and I’m yet to scale Mt. Lofty and Instagram it back home (Adelaide-ians will know…) So here’s to more adventures, and here’s to a place to celebrate and remember those adventures but mainly so I don’t forget and start exaggerating my tales.

See you on the road! (Wow, send offs are not my thing).